About Me

Ryan Servatius is an experienced real estate professional who has continued to be focused and dedicated to serving the South Haven, MI, area. While he has continued to be an awarded and top-rated real estate agent here, he has had a long and successful career that has allowed him to achieve these results. He also has various interests outside of work as he continues to support his community by being involved with several charities and nonprofit organizations.

Start of Real Estate Career

From a young age, Ryan knew he wanted to get into real estate. He always saw a lot of potential in himself to be successful in this field and saw a lot of value when it came to developing a real estate business and helping clients buy or sell their homes in the South Haven area. After spending years in school, he decided to study and sit for the local real estate examination. He was first licensed in 2001 after successfully passing the test. After working as a real estate agent for several years, he chose to move on and further his career by obtaining his Broker’s license in 2005.

Success as Top Producer

Shortly after getting into the real estate industry, Ryan quickly found success and his niche in the local market. He has been named a top producer several times and has received the MLS Production Award. This includes being named a recipient of the Diamond Award from 2018 to 2022 and the Centurion Award each year from 2020 to 2023. These awards are provided to the industry's top real estate agents and brokers yearly.

Involvement in Real Estate Industry

Anyone that has worked in the real estate industry will know how important it is to get involved. Those in the industry will have a much easier time making valuable relationships, building their brand, and getting more opportunities. Ryan has made getting involved a top priority. Over the past decade, he has also been asked to be a speaker at a variety of real estate events. This includes being a National Speaker at the National Association of Realtors on Resort & Second Homes and speaking at the Century 21 conference on Property Rights. At these events, he has provided various keynote speeches as well as he gave his take on the state of the industry.

Help Building Up Others

While he has remained a strong real estate agent, Ryan Servatius from South Haven also looks for ways to help others get into the field. He has continued to be a mentor and coach to new real estate agents. As a leader of his office, he looks for ways to encourage and motivate agents. Because of his leadership, his office is frequently considered a great place to work in the real estate industry. It was named Top 20 Places to Work in All of Southwest Michigan in 2021 and has been named one of the state's top real estate and property management companies.

Big Blue Rentals Co-Ownership

While he has worked as a successful real estate agent and Broker, Ryan has become a top business owner in recent years. Along with the growing tourism sector of Southwest Michigan, he and his team of partners started Big Blue Rentals several years ago. This company is dedicated to helping visitors find vacation rentals in South Haven and other parts of southwest Michigan. This has also been a great service to local real estate owners looking for short-term tenants. The company handles many aspects of the short-term rental process, including leasing, customer service, and full property management support.

Giving Back to the Community

While his professional real estate career can keep him very busy, Ryan has continued to find ways to give back to the community around him. As an active business leader, organizations often seek him to help provide guidance. This includes sitting on the board of directors for the Al-Van Humane Society Board, which provides various valuable causes in this part of Michigan. He is also an active member of the South Haven Chamber of Commerce and the South Haven Yacht Club. He continues to donate his time and financial resources to various other causes, including the annual hospice fundraising event that supports a local hospice. He also supports the local youth camp and is actively involved in projects that help to keep Lake Michigan and South Haven clean.

Interests Outside of Work

Ryan Servatius from South Haven still enjoys staying active when he is not working or giving back to the local community. This can include spending time with his wife and friends exploring all this Michigan area offers. During the warmer months, you can frequently find him at the lake, on local hiking trails, or in other spots of Southwest Michigan.

Ryan is a real estate professional, has continued a long and successful career in the South Haven, MI, real estate market. At the same time, he has continued to find ways to give back to the community. He continues to look for ways to give back and improve his skills as a real estate agent, which will allow him to better serve clients in the future.


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